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主 讲 人:Holger Zorn博士,德国Justus Liebig大学

地  点:大学科技园1号楼北911

主 办 方:生工学院

开始时间:2019-12-02 09:00

结束时间:2019-12-02 10:30


    Prof. Zorn是德国Justus Liebig大学食品化学和食品生物技术研究所所长。在此之前,Zorn教授于2006-2008年在Dortmund大学担任生物化学技术教授。Zorn教授是欧洲食品安全局(EFSA)食品接触材料、酶和加工助剂(CEP)小组的成员,并担任ACS农业和食品化学杂志的副主编。除此之外,他还负责Fraunhofer食品改良剂研究小组,并于2018年受聘为中国农业科学院食品科学与技术研究所特聘教授。


  The presentation will especially address options for the upcycling of various agricultural side streams by basidiomycetes to valuable proteins and aroma compounds. Basidiomycetes were grown submerged using side streams of the food industry as the sole carbon source, and the fungal mycelia were evaluated for their nutritional properties. An animal study was performed using Zucker rats. Rats that were fed with 5% P. sajor-caju showed significantly lower levels of liver triacylglycerols and cholesterol when compared to rats that were fed the control diet. Histopathological examinations confirmed these results. 


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