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主 讲 人:张洁 博士

地  点:生工北楼二楼柏物产学术报告厅

主 办 方:生工学院

开始时间:2019-09-09 14:30


   张洁,博士,博士阶段师从伊利诺伊大学香槟分校材料系资深教授、美国国家科学院院士Steve Granick,致力于交叉学科的新型软物质材料设计及其统计物理性质研究。博士毕业后加入加州大学圣巴巴拉分校物理系教授Zvonimir Dogic实验室,将研究方向扩展到活性生命材料的物理特性研究当中。课题内容涉及物理、化学、工程等多个学科,研究成果发表在Chem. Soc. Rev., Nat. Mater., Angew. Chem., Ann. Rev. of Phys. Chem., Langmuir等杂志。


   The collective mobility of active matter (self-propelled objects that transduce energy into mechanical work to drive their motion, most commonly through fluids) constitutes a new frontier in science and achievable technology. My talk will focus on the collective assembly behavior and dynamics of micron-sized building blocks, whose properties we can design and regulate. In particular, we introduce the mechanism of converting energy from other sources to mechanical force for individual constituents, so the assembly structures and dynamics are distinctly different from and more exciting than traditional equilibrium assembly. We acknowledge and respect the complexity and perplexity of life; as non-biologists, we aim to design synthetic as well as purify and modify biological materials to construct simplified model systems and study specific problems.

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