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主 讲 人:Professor Xuping Zhang

地  点:机械楼北415室

主 办 方:机械工程及自动化学院

开始时间:2019-04-22 09:00

结束时间:2019-04-22 11:00


This talk first overviews his research efforts on robotics from macro-scale manipulation to micro-scale manipulation with applications from manufacturing, rehabilitation, and to biological cell manipulation. The second part of this talk presents his research work Robotic Single Biological Cell Handling. This essential part is the development of Robotic ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The focus is on the challenges and solutions to robotic tracking and immobilization of a single fast-moving cell (i.e. sperm) under a low-contrast environment, fast immobilizing cells (i.e. oocytes) into a regular pattern for easier injection, aspiration and positioning of a cell with picoliter volume accuracy, and robust controller design for moving cell in a micropipette. The efforts are devoted to automating ICSI which is a clinical procedure performed manually in fertility clinics by highly trained embryologists under an optical microscope, and requires pick-up of a single sperm and inserting it into an oocyte (i.e., an egg cell).


Dr. Xuping Zhang is currently working with Aarhus University (丹麦) as an associate professor and the director of Robotics and Control Lab. His efforts at Aarhus University focus on establishing the education and research program in robotics. In research, he has built up close and extensive collaborations with the leading collaborative robot manufacturer Universal Robots A/S (Odens, Denmark), the leading wind energy company Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Aarhus, Denmark), etc. Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 2009 while studying at the Laboratory for Nonlinear Control. He worked with the Advanced Micro and Nano Systems at the University of Toronto as postdoctoral research associate from 2009 to 2011. He also Worked on dynamics of aircraft as an engineer with Pratt & Whitney Canada from 2011-2012. Dr. Zhang had been teaching and doing research in Mechanisms, Robotics, and Mechanical Design with Beijing University of Technology from 1999 to 2005. His research and teaching interests include Robotic Industrial Manufacturing and Production, Dynamics and Control Theory of Robot Manipulators, Robotic Rehabilitation, Robotic Single-Cell Handling and Micro-Actuation. (他的教学和科研兴趣包括机器人工业制造及生产, 机械人机械臂动力学与控制, 机械人康复, 机器人用于单细胞操作, 微驱动.) Dr. Zhang is the author of over 80 papers and has one filed patent. His work in robotic ICSI won the Best Automation Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2011.




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