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主 讲 人:Josip Lon?ar Ph.D, 克罗地亚萨格勒布大学

地  点:国家大学科技园阳光楼北611

主 办 方:物理与信息工程学院, 澳亚国际游戏娱乐省医疗器械和医药技术重点实验室

开始时间:2017-11-27 15:00


Josip Lon?ar He joined the Department of Wireless Communication, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb In September 2014. He participates in scientific project “Passive and Active Metamaterial Structures for Guiding, Scattering and Radiation of Electromagnetic Energy”. He is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree. His fields of interest include periodic electromagnetic structures, non-Foster networks, stability analysis, analog and digital circuit design. As a student he received Rector's Award from University of Zagreb for the work entitled “Electrical Nerve Stimulator for Reduction of Pain Sensation”.



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