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主 讲 人:Bruce E Wampold 教授

地  点:人文学院202

主 办 方:澳亚国际游戏娱乐人文学院

开始时间:2017-10-28 00:50

结束时间:2017-10-28 12:50

主讲人:     Bruce E Wampold 教授

主   办:   澳亚国际游戏娱乐人文学院

时   间:   2017-10-28 15:30

地   点:   人文学院202


The main point Wampold emphasizes is that the practice of psychotherapy and counseling is dedicated to helping individuals lead happier, more productive, and satisfying lives by helping to relieve the distress that motivated them to seek help. A purposeful collaborative relationship between a therapist and the patient, which Wampold calls a therapeutic alliance, is one of the common elements of effective therapies. He believes that psychotherapy as an effective healing practice needs to be promoted by professional organizations and therapists, instead of just prescribing the pill and expect the patient go on with his/her life. The contextual model, which in the first edition of The Great Psychotherapy Debate he presents as a compelling alternative to traditional research on psychotherapy, which tends to focus on identifying the most effective treatment for particular disorders through emphasizing the specific ingredients of the treatment, is instead derived from a scientific understanding of how humans heal in a social context and focuses on common factors such as alliance, empathy and expectations.


Bruce E Wampold,美国威斯康星—麦迪逊大学(Wisconsin-Madison)临床心理学教授,挪威维克桑德Modum Bad精神中心主任。Wampold 教授是当今世界上最有影响力的心理咨询过程与效果研究领域的学家之一,是心理治疗研究领域集大成者,多窗难枪视蜗酚槔烛论文和图书获得美国心理学会(APA)各种奖项。2007 年获得美国心理学会颁发的应用心理学研究“杰出贡献奖”,2008 年获得美国咨询心理学会颁发的“终生成就奖”等。Wampold 教授是最早一批采用先进统计研究方法对心理治疗有效性进行研究的学者,目前心理治疗领域大量定量研究方法是由他和他的学生共同发展改进的。此外,Wampold 教授提出了心理治疗的情境模型,有效地解释了心理治疗疗效的“渡渡鸟”难题,成为近年来心理治疗整合理论的代表。




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